NO. 46

Make way for 'Moose'

Conan Myers was one of the Midwest's top local race car drivers in the 1960s.

Whenever Conan "Moose" Myers raced locally, every other driver was usually fighting for second place.

The Fort Wayne native started his career in 1961 at age 20, sharing a car with Tom Wible that was purchased for $275.

In 1964, Myers began driving for Jim Stovall and began to dominate the local racing scene. He won his first track championship at Baer Field in 1966, and eventually won 14 titles at Baer Field, Avilla, New Bremen and Bryan speedways.

"There's a lot of good talent today, but Moose was really good in traffic," Stovall said. "One time at Baer Field he started last in the feature, and he passed 30-some cars and took the lead on the first lap. Everybody got down two abreast, and Moose just went to the third lane and passed them."

Wherever there was a good race in the Midwest, Myers was there. He won three Tony Bettenhausen Classics at Illiana Speedway in Schererville, and also won races in six states.

In 1973, Myers started competing in the American Speed Association, winning the series points championship in 1975. He also raced 10 years in the Automobile Racing Club of America series, winning the points title in 1977. He's the only driver to win both the ASA and ARCA series championships. He also raced for 10 years in USAC, and many famous stock car racers, such as Harry Gant, Neil Bonnett, Donny and Bobby Allison and Buddy Baker, often came to Fort Wayne to challenge him.

Myers retired from racing in 1979 and lives in Newville. He was inducted into the Avilla Hall of Fame in 1985 and the Baer Field Hall of Fame in 1993.

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